1000 Calorie Diet

1000 Calorie Diet ?

Take a look around, and you will see that there are millions of people who battle with weight. The 1000 calorie diet may be the very thing needed to get you look lean and mean. Experts agree that there is good reasons to change the typical diet, and to change certain aspects of it dramatically so that you make each calorie count. To do this, choose nutritious, tasty foods which are low in calories. It may be a good idea to keep a record of the foods you eat each day so as not to exceed 1000 calories. With the 1000 calorie diet, you can lose weight quickly but you need to remember that the diet will not meet all your nutritional requirements. It is therefore not recommened to go on this diet for much longer than a week or two, certainly not longer.
1000 calorie diet
The 1000 calorie diet is a good idea for anyone who needs to lose weight quickly, while still eating a diet which is made up of balanced meals, but with a low-calorie content. As the 1000 calorie diet provides you with a low calorie, it had better limit your activities while you are going on this diet. Another important part of the 1000 calorie diet is to stay hydrated. While you may drink black tea or coffee, you should drink plenty of water each day.

With the 1000 calorie diet you will be adopting a new eating style gradually. Oatmeal for instance is an excellent way to start your day, simply because it is low in calories and fat (a cup of oatmeal has 300 calorie) and high in that all important fiber. Fiber is important in the 1000 calorie diet because it helps to keep you feel satiated. During the course of the morning, if the hunger pangs make you feel like reaching for something, eating a healthy snack is a good choice as this will keep your blood sugar level under control while you are on the 1000 calorie diet. A small banana which adds on another 90 calories or a cup of fresh strawberries which only add on about 50 calories is a delicious and safe snack.

The 1000 calorie diet recommends a tasty soup for lunch. Look around carefully and choose a can of soup that is around 100 calories. There are soups that have been specially prepared for dieters which are available in most leading supermarket stores. Adding a fresh green salad with some salad dressing made up of olive oil and vinegar should give you a lunch which adds up to about 175 calories.

Everbody loves pasta, and with the 1000 calorie diet, your dinner can consist of a vegetable rich pasta. If you make a cup of pasta with a marinara sauce, your dinner would add up to about 284 calories. When you add up your calorie intake for the entire day so far, you will be sitting on about 940 calories, leaving you with the option of treating yourself to a snack. The snack could include something like half a cup of non-fat plain yogurt.
Obesity has a very strong biological basis, and often the only treatment that works is taking in less calories. The 1000 calorie diet is an excellent way to take in less calories but to be taking in nutritious foods at the same time. There are so many people who look for a shortcut to be lean, and they starve their bodies of nutrients and land up instead on a quick trip to ill health.

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