3 Day Diet – An effective and rapid weight loss plan

Through time, 3 day diet or military diet plan has been proven to be effective in reducing weight in a short time, basing on its providing of low calorie.

General definition of 3 day diet3 day diet

As it is named, 3 day diet lasts no more than 3 days. Then you come back to your normal meals for four days. After that, continue 3 day diet plan.
3 Day diet is designed for ones who want to lose a large amount of weight. It gives available meal menu for 3 days and it had better not to have substitution. This is because the combination of foods in the menu is shown to help burn fat fast.

3 Day diet meal plan

Day 1: Total calorie: 870
Breakfast: total calorie: 219
–    1/2 grapefruit ( 41 cal)
–    1 slice of toast with 1 tablespoons of peanut butter (178 cal)
–     coffee or tea  or water (0 cal)
Lunch: Total calorie: 183
–    1/2 cup of tuna (100 cal)
–    1 slice of toast (83 cal)
–     coffee or tea or water (0 cal)
Dinner: Total calorie: 468
–    3 ounces of any lean meat (94 cal)
–    1 cup of green beans (34 cal)
–     1/2 banana
–    1 small apple
–    1 cup of vanilla ice cream (288 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)
Day 2:  total calorie: 1149
Breakfast:  Total calorie: 266
–    1 egg (78 cal)
–    1 slice of toast (83 cal)
–    1 banana (105 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)
Lunch:  Total calorie: 273
–    1 cup of cottage cheese (203 cal)
–     5 saltine crackers (70 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)
Dinner: Total calorie: 610
–    2 hot dogs (300 cal)
–    1 cup of broccoli (35 cal)
–    1/2 cup of carrots (26 cal)
–    1 banana (105 cal)
–    1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream (144 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)
Day 3:  Total calorie: 859
Breakfast:  total calorie: 222
–    5 saltine crackers (70 cal)
–     1 slice of cheddar cheese (100 cal)
–     1 small apple (52 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)
Lunch:  Total calorie: 161
–    1 hard-boiled egg (78 cal)
–    1 slice of toast (83 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)
Dinner:  Total calorie: 476
–    1 cup of tuna (200 cal)
–    1 cup of carrots (52 cal)
–    1 cup of cauliflower ( 23 cal)
–    1 cup of melon (57 cal)
–     1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream (144 cal)
–    Water (0 cal)

Benefits of 3 day diet

–    It takes a short time to lose weight. One can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days and 40 pounds in a month.
–    It is a simple and easy weight loss plan. 3 day diet suggests no substitution for foods and you do not have to waste time on choosing right food.
–    Preparation for meals is easy as all foods in the menu is available

Some bad effects of 3 day diet

–    The result of weight loss may not last long.
–    As 3 day diet gives you low calorie, your metabolism may be slower.
–    It harms the growth of children

Tips on 3 day diet

–    Doing exercises is recommended. However, as this diet gives you low calorie, exercises should be kept to a minimum
–    Children are not advised to follow 3 day diet as they badly affect the growth of children
–    Diabetics should ask for advice of their doctors before following this plan.
–    Do not eat anything between any of the meals.
–    Substitution is not suggested. However, if you cannot eat some certain foods in the plan, you can replace them. But remember to substitute a protein for a protein and a vegetable for a vegetable and make sure that they have the same calorie.
–    Only drink coffee or tea for the first two meals of day. Since then, only drink water.

In conclusion, 3 day diet has been popular for a long time for a big amount of weight loss in a short time. However, short-termed weight loss is not as healthy as gradual one. The best way to lose weight and live a healthy life is taking a balanced diet and doing regular exercises.


  1. Sonja Hadfield says:

    This post is very informative Samuel. Thank you.

    I’d like to make a small input (if I may).
    It’s also a great idea to add some spices to your diet and juices.
    Spices are known to rev up your metabolism..so you can burn more calories without lifting a finger.
    More importantly, they also help you in detoxifying your system.
    It helps you in mobilizing the unhealthy toxins around your colon, which (as per research) could be holding as much as 30 pounds in some cases!

    5 must-stock ancient spices for weight loss:

    1. Mustard Seed: Boosts metabolism
    even after up to 25 hrs of consumption.
    2. Black Pepper: Helps in faster digestion
    and nutrient absorption.
    3. Ginger: Hinders cholesterol absorption.
    4. Cinnamon: Helps in better processing
    of carbs.
    5. Cayenne Pepper: Burns fat.

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