ACE diet pills – Are they safe for dieters?

Have you ever used ACE diet pills ? If yes, how do you feel after using them for a certain time? Do they give you what you expect? Is it worth taking them? Let’s find out the answer for these questions.

ACE diet pills

ACE diet pills – Are they safe for dieters?

What are ACE diet pills?

A means Appetite, C means Control and E means Energy. ACE stands for appetite control and energy. ACE diet pills are a kind of weight reducing medicines that reduce your appetite to make you lose weight and provide you energy to keep moving.

The ingredients of ACE diet pill

ACE diet pills are said to consist of 7 natural ingredients:
–    Caffeine
–    Green tea extract
–    Chromium
–    Vitamin B6
–    Geranium flower
–    Cocoa powder
–    Spirulina

How do ACE diet pills work?

It is advertised that the combination of 7 natural ingredients in ACE diet pills works together to optimize weight loss and offers steady energy that stays with you all day. You do not feel any hunger at all even though you eat a little; instead, it gives you a good boost of energy. Let’s find out how these ingredients affect your weight loss and how they make you full of energy.
–    Caffeine: it reduces your desire to eat and stimulates thermo genesis to help burn calorie
–    Green tea extract: catechins in green tea work to burn fat in the body.
–    Chromium: it helps the body process carbohydrates and fats.
–    Vitamin B6: it helps convert stored nutrients into energy the body can use
–    Geranium flower: it suppress appetite
–    Cocoa powder: it contains components called polyphenols that have been shown to inhibit digestion.
–    Spirulina: it is a great source of nutrients, providing additional energy while curbing hunger in the same time.

Side-effects of ACE diet pills

Despite advertisement on the effectiveness of ACE diet pills, there is another opinion that ACE diet pills do not have enough natural ingredients as listed above. Instead, ACE diet pills contain some chemical substances that harm your health.
–    Phenylethylamine HCL: causes difficult breathing, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, and tightness.
–    Pyridoxine: causes headache, sleepiness, tingling, loss of appetite, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting.
–    Chromium: causes headache
–    Vanadium: causes nausea, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, loss of energy, low blood
sugar, kidney damage

From these points of view, you may have your own decision to decide to take these pills to become thinner or not.  ACE diet pills may help you lose weight, but in my opinion, weight loss is not worth the side effects it gives you. The best way to keep your weight in control for a long time is to have a natural healthy diet and to take regular exercises.


  1. ACE made me speedy jittery dry mouth and my heart felt like it was “fish flopping” it’s a scam. I know this girl who sells it and exaggerates claims to sell. She was already fit before she took it and used old old pictures to use as before pictures. My friends took ace and made them sick as dogs. I still have unused product because people didn’t even want to finish I. Beware and lose weight in a healthy way. People claim they lose so much at first, it’s just water weight. It sucks the water out of ya and races your heart. Dangerous.

  2. lovemyace says:

    The dmaa was removed from the newest line of saba.

  3. I tried ACE today for energy and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It made me throw up, almost pass out, cold sweating, and ten hours later I am just now starting to feel normal again. There is no way that whatever is really in there is good for you! DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT.

  4. Cody Smith says:

    Its important to know that before we believe on things that claim it can lose weight, do your own research to feed yourself with the truth and to discover the pros and cons of every product.

  5. II just started taking Ace and I tought I was going to end up in the hospital. I had trouble breathing, standing, and I was nasueas, dizzy. I was about to pass out at work. This pill isn’t for everybody so I suggest doing a trial before purchasing a $60 bottle.

    • Lisa Stoms says:

      All supplements that contain DMAA have been ordered off the market by the FDA. You can goggle it and see .

  6. I’ve been taking ACE for about three weeks now. Have not lost any weight, but I have maintained my current weight (which is too high). I have experienced fatigue every afternoon since I’ve starting using the supplement. Not just a little tiredness, either. Debilitating fatigue to the point of not being able to function. The reason I’ve continued with the product is because a good friend of my has had extremely good luck with this. Am I doing something wrong? Should I cut back to one pill a day? Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!

  7. Advocare Audie says:

    If anyone is looking for lasting results I would be glad to help. Advocare has changed my life.

  8. Suspicious character says:

    I have been seeing these ads for ACE for quite some time now and the common thing I see with them is that the people who sell it give medical advice regularly and answer questions authoritatively as if they are a doctor…..actually this is illegal and opens you up to liability if anything goes wrong with someone you told it was ok to use….I would suggest that anyone wanting to sell ACE consider the position they put themselves in down the road when these products are banned…..It is a scam that is sold to desperate people who cant be comfortable with themselves because they see themselves as unacceptable if they have 2 or 3 ounces of body fat…100% BS……

  9. Has anyone experienced ulcers in your mouth from taking ACE? I started taking it last year for a few months. I began to have ulcers real bad. At the time it didn’t think it was the ACE. I cut out acidic fruits and anything else that I thought might cause them. I stopped taking it because I couldn’t afford it during Christmas and I didn’t have as many ulcers. I started taking it again on January 2 and now the ulcers are back. Could ACE be what causes it? I

    • It maybe that u r allergic to something in it. Are u possible allergic to raspberries? Since it now has raspberry ketones in it.
      Saba also now has a product called Xtreme 5000 that is stronger than ACE does not have the raspberry in it and might be worth a try if interested.

  10. From everything I have read from others experience obviously this isnt a one person fit all pill. However I have taken this product off and on for approx. 6months. I have lost 12 pounds thus far which I am thrilled to just be ale to do that. It does curb your appetite it does give you alot more energy. For me it doenst race my heart up as most products Ive tried do. I do not take this every day maybe 2-3 times a week and plus I walk as much as I can. Anywhere from 2-5 miles a day x 6 days a week. With that being said In my opinion its a wonderful product. Alot of convience stores are now selling the 2 pack of it in my area. Keep this in mind if you want to just try it. Good luck everyone but for me I am a fan of ACE

  11. Forbidden Fruit says:

    My 60-year-old mom lost about 50 lbs in 2 months on these. She’s been morbidly obese and depressed all her life. Now she’s full of energy and thin at 60.

    No way do these pills only contain natural ingredients. I wonder whether they’re spiked with phentermine or some other drug? Someone should have them sent to an independent lab for testing.

  12. I took ACE for 3 month and lost 50 pounds!! it works great, the only downfall is i cant get off of it. if i stop taking ACE i get terrible headaches so i continue to take it.

    • Baylee S. says:

      That’s probably from the caffeine that’s in it. Maybe drink tea when you get off to help with the caffeine withdrawals head aches.

  13. I would really like to know exactly how much DMAA Ace contains…..

  14. is it safe to take A.C.E. if you have a thyroid disorder?

  15. is it safe to take A.C.E. if you have a throid disorder?

  16. Do not take these pills

  17. I’ve been taking them for 1month and now I have tightness in my chest. I’m tossing them today. Scarey they worked fine at first but just last night pain started and a friend of mine stopped for the same reasons.

  18. Check out the truth says: This is a link to show consumers the dietary supplements that still have DMAA in them. HPRC has maintained a list of currently available commercial products that contain DMAA. Dietary supplements containing DMAA are illegal and FDA is doing everything within its authority to remove these products from the market. ACE is on the list.

  19. Check out the truth says:

    If you want the truth a drug called dimethylpentylamine hcl is on the back of the ACE bottle….It is DMAA and not natural and not safe….DMAA is known to narrow blood vessels and arteries, which can lead to shortness of breath and heart attack…..Go to the put in DMAA and you will see the terrible side effects and it is illegal….They are warning consumers not to take it….All the distributors will lie and say its natural, believe me they are only after your money….Be safe and do some research

  20. I just wanna know how the real pills look like and also i want to buy some but i dont know where can anyone help me with that

  21. ACEin It to a New me says:

    FDA Federal Regulations updated in April 2013 ~ Geranium is recognized as safe for their intended use… So why on other links FDA is reporting Geranium contains DMAA… Sounds like someone needs to get their facts straight…

  22. FDA Federal Regulations updated in April 2013 ~ Geranium is recognized as safe for their intended use… So why on other links FDA is reporting Geranium contains DMAA… Sounds like someone needs to get their facts straight… Thanks Deborah Walden Golden for pointing me in the right direction in my search!

    • Check out the truth says:

      Geraniums are more than likely safe. Because they don’t have DMAA in them. But Saba is claiming 1,3 dimethylpentylamine which is DMAA and geraniums to be the same thing. So that is easy to figure out, they are not the same. If you are a rep and selling ACE and any of your clients have had side effects that is telling you its not natural and not safe.

      DMAA side effects may include:
      Skin reactions, Irritability, Nervousness, Dizziness, Trembling, Headache
      Insomnia, Profuse perspiration, Dehydration, Itchy scalp and skin, Nausea

      Serious DMAA side effects may include: Hyperthermia,Irregular heartbeat, Seizures, Heart attack, Stroke, Liver damage or liver failure, Kidney damage or kidney failure, Psychiatric side effects,Elevated blood pressure,Sudden cardiac death

      The lady did point you in the right direction if your seeking the truth. 1,3 dimethylpentylamine is an ingredient in ACE and by no means safe.

  23. Mistie Kean says:

    Has anyone had kidney/lower back pain while taking ACE?

  24. ACEin It to a New me says:

    ACE = Good Results vs Bad Results *** Results from users will hopefully help solve the question to potential customers*** Vote Up = Good ~ Vote Down = Bad

  25. ACEin It to a New me says:

    I’ve been taking ACE for over a year now with no side effects. I have been researching DMAA in the ACE product… ACE has not been banned by the FDA. If it was illegal to sell ~ I’m pretty sure that FDA would have already contacted the company as many of you have posted that your turned it in to the FDA.

    • Reps are all about the money says:

      It got banned and is illegal. So now what? Have you apologized to all the people you harmed by selling it to them? It was all about the money, what a shame these reps are. And the Company all lies. Take a look at the CEO obese.

  26. Jenni Golembeski says:

    I use ACE daily and have never had an issue with them. For some reason, I find it hard to believe that people are having such “bad” effects from ACE alone. I’m a representative for SABA/ACE and wouldn’t sell something that would be dangerous to my family and friends, just saying.

  27. Donald Barker says:

    I tried them and it did really well with me. I could worker with more energy and more proficient. I felt good. No sides for me, yet.

  28. DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

    If you have had side effects to ACE please turn it in to the FDA:

    Also you can turn saba in for selling unlawful drugs here:

  29. TammyGearl says:

    Why is it the reps get mad or ban you from their page when you want to talk about your side effects??? I actually has someone tell me only post positive stuff. I wasn’t allowed to post the truth!

  30. TammyGearl says:

    Check out “ACE and The Real Side Effects” its on Facebook…if you are having any bad side effects please let everyone know

    • That was pointless. The Facebook page is a “closed group” and you can’t see anything unless you join. Its also controlled by you. So are you a Doctor or a Biochemist? I don’t know if you are aware of this but everything has side effects. Water can kill you if too much is consumed. Diet Coke has had bad press because of Aspartame, there are so many things that have Aspartame in it. Aspartame is also known for bad side effects and has affected more people then this. I still drink it but I know my limits. When I start to feel bad I cut back. I’m sorry 80 some people had a bad side effect but that can happen with anything. Like the teenager who died from overdosing on energy drinks. Know your body and your limits. What happens to a few doesn’t mean it will happen to everyone. Thanks to you, Dmaa is Illegal, and Ace is Dangerous I’m going to try this product because you guys are as pushy and ignorant and someone knocking on my door about their religion.

      • TammyGearl says:

        Sounds like you need some anger management classes lol I NEVER claimed to be a doctor or Biochemist. I NEVER said I was or wasnt the one who made up the page. YES I do require you to join the group so WACKOS like you cant join! Feel free to take ACE. I will tell the members of my page its up to them if they want to take the ACE. Also they just made a new ACE so we will see how it does. I hope you have a wonderful day now :O) Oh and if I didnt want people to know I started the page, dont you think I would have made up an anonymous screen name on here lmao

        • No my anger management is in check. You are the one promoting and pushing people to go to a closed site like you are a doctor. I was going to check it out, you know after seeing it on here 10 times, I figured it would be good to read. I came to this site to get some feed back from real people who have taken it and all I got from here was useless arguing and over the top pushiness. Obviously you want people to go to your Facebook page or else you wouldn’t be spamming it on here. lol haha So for future reference will you be creating a Facebook page for Aspirin? I have had some horrible side effects from it and need somewhere to post about it on a closed site away from WAKOS like me…lol You know the WAKOS who actually want unbiased advise and not spam.

          • She isn’t pushing anyone to go to her site. And by no means is she acting like a doctor lol. It’s where people can share their stories on what ACE done to them. If you read the stuff on here, “the ones promoting it are the rep’s” they want your money. They could care less what it does to you, it’s all about the profit. The other’s have nothing to gain but to let people know the truth. And if you read it, you would see the name calling was from the rep’s, they get angry when you tell the truth. So if that makes you want to try it go for it, its your choice.

          • I don’t know.. seems pushy to me when I see her advertising her Facebook page on every 3rd or 4th thread through out this discussion board. ( which by the way is called spamming) Oh and you must have missed her cussing on here and calling me a name, so the reps aren’t the only ones. The people who claim to be wronged by the product are worse then the reps pushing it. Like I have stated: I was looking for real feed back and didn’t find much on here, between reps and victims arguing there is only a few genuine posts. I get she is your friend and all so it is noble for you to stand up for her. Thanks for you permission. I’ll be sure to join the Facebook page and share all my side effects.

  31. Advocate69 says:

    FDA WARNING: DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine or geranium extract, is an ingredient found illegally in some dietary supplements and often touted as a “natural” stimulant. DMAA, especially in combination with other ingredients such as caffeine, can be a health risk to consumers.

  32. Where can I buy this?

  33. Angie Campbell says:
  34. Angie Campbell says:

    As of
    April 2013 ACE is on the Military banned substance list & it can also
    make a drug test come back positive. It contains DMAA which is an
    illegal substance by the FDA. It can cause high blood pressure which has
    lead to several deaths in the army. It is not 100% all natural. It’s listed as a banned substance for athletes as well, since 2010 and has been banned in New Zealand because it was being used as a party drug and was found unsafe. This is why I research what I take and I love the product I use.

  35. Lucinda G. Pacheco says:

    Hi my name is Lucy and I am from Texas I have been taking ACE since June 17, 2013 and I am very amazed with what I have accomplished. My weight was at 235lbs and today I am at 207lbs and i was size 18-20 in pants and now i am down to a 13-14 I was wearing xxl shirts now i am able to use medium. i drink plenty of water throught the day(totally cut off cokes and coffee and many sweets) will break it every now and then but I dont let it become a habit lol and i always eat something small after 2 hrs of taking the pills and i take one in between 6-7 in the morning and 1-3 in the afternoon and i eat a healthy dinnr but before 7pm. and i have passed 3 full weekends wihout taking the pills to see how i do without it and it seems that my body is on a daily routine already. I also take B12 vitamin pills to help me. I agree with many of the persons that it takes different affects on each person. I work as a receptionist and bearly do any excerise and it has help me dropped rapidly on the pounds and over all in the inches. I have many family members also using ACE and every single one of them are very pleased with the results.. I believe that if you want to better yourself, you have to believe and always put your part because no pill or diet works alone.. We want accomplishments, we have to work for it.. Believe, Live, Love and Laugh we only live once…..Thank you for letting me share my story…

  36. Glenda Jackson Axtell says:

    well i took ACE and it made my blood pressure go VERY high and my pulse rate went to 166 i have never ever had high blood pressure i felt bad all day long after taking it i took it to my Dr and she said NO NOT take this pill it is very dangerous and my friend was taking it and it made her sick so she took it to her dr and he told her the same thing so we are no longer taking these

  37. A informative blog about ACE diet pill.

  38. Ace diet pill may spread their famous home and abroad gradully.

  39. Know The Facts says:

    Ok let me be straight. Those negative side effects come from things in a synthetic form not a natural form. If you are taking ACE which is a supplement and NOT a diet pill and you are buying it from a legit distributor and you are listening and eating enough and drinking enough water and exercising to burn off the energy you WILL NOT have those type of effects. This supplement has been approved by many doctors in all fields. Now if you are taking something and being lazy and expecting the pill to do all of the work then yes you will have effects. ACE is a tool and a lifestyle changer if you are willing to work with it!!! I lost 58 lbs last year and have not gained a lb back since stopping the product in August when I hit my goal weight!

    • Know The Facts says:

      If you order from AMAZON or EBAY expect to get FAKE products. I mean really you might as well take candy from a stranger!

    • $17671497 says:

      also you are paying more money buying it from these so called reps

      • Know The Facts says:

        You mean the people that actually know what they are doing because they have been trained???? I mean if you want to buy something that you aren’t sure of on a website that you ingest into your body please be my guest. BUT do not come back at the company that is telling you its more than likely fake??? I know people personally that have gotten super sick and ended up hospitalized by ordering what they thought was ACE. Also some of the pics on EBAY and AMAZON of the bottles of “ACE” that they are selling are pictures of bottles of phentermine and other drugs. So next time your doctor tells you to take something I want you to order it all online because its cheaper and I hope you never get sick from it! The Reps are NOT so called. They own their own businesses and they learn about the products and test them out before they sell them! They know in fact that they work and they will work with you. If you order online good luck getting that person to help you in any way! Its not a real product and when it doesn’t work you will not have any support. Read my name… KNOW THE FACTS before you speak about something you know nothing about!!!!

        • $17671497 says:

          I know nothing about it yet a woman posted on here the real stuff almost killed her so like i said those “reps” are into making their commission seek a doctors advise instead i can bet most drs will say do not take diet pills at all

          • Know The Facts says:

            Im pretty sure she didn’t say the real stuff. Also did she state that she was doing anything other than taking the pills? Did she mention any other medical conditions that she might have? Do you know all the facts? Again you don’t so don’t try to trash a product till you know all the facts!

          • Know The Facts says:

            and again its not a diet pill.. its a tool to help you get healthy!

          • $17671497 says:

            Oh please you obviously either work for this company or you are the overweight owner

          • Know The Facts says:

            and yet you are wrong again… I work for myself and I am far from overweight!!! have you tried ACE to lose the weight that you need to lose?? It really does help if you work with it. Oh another fun fact wanna know how many natural health markets carry the Saba products because they are completely natural??? A LOT OF THEM! They are not “all” natural as that would require them to give you things in whole form like green tea leaves and the actual geranium flower. They are however natural in the fact that they break down all of the natural ingredients into a powder.

          • ACE kills says:

            The doctors do not know much about it. Geranium flower sounds normal right? Doctors are very educated but not so much about ingredients. Its deadly, but it doesn’t sound like it.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Again, where is your evidence?

          • ACE kills says:

            Where is your evidence that it is safe? Look up DMAA on the fda’s website.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            I have. ACE nor Saba are on that list of people who are being warned. This is the very website Saba will refer people to themselves.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            1,3-Dimethylpentylamine is sure as Hell on the list isn’t it? Its in ACE

          • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Saba/ACE are NOT on the FDA ban list. REad it again.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            1,3-Dimethylpentylamine <—- On your ACE Bottle there's your evidence. Enough Said. Oh and I made sure Saba is now turned into the FDA for unlawful sales.

            That is an ingredient on the back of ACE Correct? That drug is illegal.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            Do you see the 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine? That is illegal and very Dangerous.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            FDA: We advise consumers not to purchase or use any dietary supplement containing DMAA.

            How do consumers know if a dietary supplement contains DMAA?
            Consumers should look for DMAA listed on the product label. It may also be listed as:



            1,3-Dimethylpentylamine <—- On your ACE Bottle there's your evidence. Enough Said. Oh and I made sure Saba is now turned into the FDA for unlawful sales.





            4-methyl- (9CI)





          • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

            The FDA is trying scare tactics to get the ones that are above limits to stop immediately. Saba/ACE are not among those named nor will they be.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            No they are not trying to do scare tactics. It is illegal because it is a dangerous drug. Ingestion of DMAA can elevate blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack. Dietary supplements containing DMAA are illegal and FDA is doing everything within its authority to remove these products from the market.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            ACE distributors tell everyone to consult their doctor before taking it. Plus, the company puts those very words on every product they sell. ACE does NOT kill people. I have asked multiple doctors, pharmacists and even a friend who was a coroner, and they all said ACE is safe. However, they do, as all distributors do, recommend consulting a doctor especially if one has medical conditions. For instance, it wouldn’t be recommended for someone on dialysis due to their limited water intake. No single product can be for 100% of the population.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            Sorry, but most Doctors are clueless about DMAA mine was, but not any longer since I showed him. And yes DMAA is in ACE and DMAA has killed 5 people. And as for myself I went to the ER from ACE. Do you even know what it is? Let me educate you on DMAA it is not derived from a geranium. It is not NATURAL. DMAA is a drug made synthetically in a laboratory. It was originally used as a nasal decongestant. Ingestion of DMAA can elevate blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack. And it is illegal.

          • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Sounds like you had an underlying condition that you may have been unaware of. ACE was NOT the cause. ER drs will grab on to the most convenient thing or obvious thing that can be blamed. Answer given, problem solved. However, the truth is ACE is not a problem. It is a solution ….to weight loss.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            No ma’am no underlying condition. And sorry my ER doctor didn’t blame the DMAA. He told me two soldiers died from DMAA. But we didn’t know at that time ACE had it in it. Or my problem could have been solved right then. I had tests and research and it was determined by my primary care giver. Who once was clueless about DMAA and most are.

        • Ace is Dangerous says:

          Where was you trained at???? Anyone may sell them, you don’t have to do any training. My friend started selling them and we was clueless, I wish we had done research on them first. I should have never taken them. DMAA is dangerous, it killed two soldiers and came close to taking my life. Please anyone thinking on taking them go to:

          • Know The Facts says:

            I was trained in OKC by the main office along with my upline. If you want to learn about the company YOU have to put yourself out there. It is YOUR business to learn. You are 1099’d at the end of the year so it is your job to get your butt to the trainings. Again too much of anything is not good for you. Please explain why there are cardiologists that are recommended this product to their patients???? There is nothing in ACE that can harm you if taken properly just like anything else. Those people being hurt from DMAA are overdosing on it and taking synthetic forms. Please learn your facts along with your grammar.

            Here is the official FDA company DMAA list site and the products that were to be removed or reformulated. As everyone can see, ACE nor SABA is on this list. Refer your customers to this link.


          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Trained in OKC, whatever. Its a multi level marketing pyramid scheme. You may want to do more research and see that DMAA is illegal. Check it out for yourself, there is no need to argue. Facts are out there on the site. It will be a matter of time before they get fined. Because clearly it states on the bottle 1,3-dimethylamylamine.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Funny how ACE is made in an FDA facility

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Saba is not a pyramid scheme. DMAA is not illegal, it is being warned against due to some companies putting high levels in their products. The companies that are producing it with large levels are the ones being warned.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Funny how I click on your link and it says page not found. Here let me post mine again and you can read the first line under the box with the banned products (where you will not see the words Saba or ACE).

            Here is the official FDA company DMAA list site and the products that were to be removed or reformulated. As everyone can see, ACE nor SABA is on this list. Refer your customers to this link.


          • Know The Facts says:

            Oh and the DMAA in ACE is NATURAL!!!!! Nothing is ACE is synthetic

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            You should know who Clark Bartram is right? Well sorry NOT KNOW THE FACTS its not all Natural.

            Is the dmaa derived from the geranium in the ACE? where does the dmaa come from?

            Clark Bartram

            It is a bio identical form like every other one out there, meaning it isn’t ALL Natural I correct people on that all the time


          • Know The Facts says:

            Right and I never said ALL natural I said natural. ALL means that I would have to give you plants and you eat them. Natural means that you take the plant and break it down to turn it into a capsule. Again you don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Know The Facts says:

            and yes I have gotten a lot of advise from Clark thanks

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            You are cracking me up saying I didn’t say ALL NATURAL. You really need to do some research, because clearly you don’t know what your talking about. The information is out there, so stop trying to defend your bread and butter. DMAA was first developed my pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in 1944. It was used as a nasal decongestant. When doctors noted that its effects were amphetamine-like — and medical literature reported that its effects were more powerful than heart-stopping ephedrine — Eli Lilly stopped marketing it as a pharmaceutical, and DMAA quietly resurfaced as a dietary supplement. And let me tell you I am living proof it is dangerous. Sorry, but Saba has mislead you and so many others. I have nothing to gain, but letting people know the truth. And I hope no one else goes through what I did, or worse case scenario die from it.

          • Know The Facts says:

            And you are cracking me up by pretending to have a brain. Don’t take other drugs and take things the way they are supposed to be taken and you wont have problems! Sorry but there is nothing anywhere other than your fake story that states that anyone had an adverse reaction to ACE. Again read what is written under the chart on the link that I posted from the FDA … thanks and have a good life!

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Wow, we see where your maturity level is. Don’t take other drugs???? I take a multivitamin daily. I am fine since I don’t take ACE anymore. There are several other people that have had serious side effects. Go to and put in side effects to ACE. Also read the FDA site it states people having side effects to DMAA “which is in ACE”. It is all about the money to you distributors and you should be ashamed of yourself. You know its illegal yet you are risking peoples life for your profit. Thanks for the debate though, people shall read it and might save a life. ;)

          • Know The Facts says:

            Well its a darn good thing that you know so much about a business that you know nothing about. If you read the FDA article it says the exact things that I have said. My maturity level? Drugs meaning anything over the counter or prescriptions or what not. Sounds like you got your ACE from someone who didn’t know what they were doing or from EBAY or AMAZON. Sorry you had a bad experience. I am not just an ACE rep I am a Saba rep and there are a ton of NATURAL products that we carry for many purposes including multi vitamins. I will tell you this. There are plenty of people that I know and love that cant afford ACE so I give it to them for free. My profit is not super high and I am in this to help people get healthy. You also need to remember that weight loss supplements are for those who are overweight by more than like 25 pounds.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Don’t know the Facts: I do know about Saba and the profit that is made. I have a friend that is a Silver Distributor. She still sells ACE because money meant more to her than our friendship. And she lost 20 lbs the first 3 months. But she put it back on and then some. And ACE might be a good supplement, if the DMAA wasn’t in it. But what makes me angry is the Company is deceiving the public by claiming NATURAL. Yes, I should have done my homework before taking it. I didn’t and paid the consequences. For your, safety and your clients do some research, it is out there. DMAA may have long term effects on your liver and kidneys. So becareful!

          • Know The Facts says:

            Yes I am sure that some people are about the money and you will find that everywhere. However that still does not explain why you are talking crap about the company as a whole when you have no ground to stand on. Everything that I stated is 100% proven fact and everything that you have stated is basically your opinion. You still have not proven any points other than something didn’t work for you and its probably because you are one of those people that expects to swallow a pill and then the weight will magically fall off. You need to work with it and use ACE as a tool not an answer. By the way do you smoke? Drink alcohol? Eat fast food? Trust me when I tell you that if you do you are harming yourself way more than I am by putting a natural supplement in my body. I have taken ACE solely for the energy since I hit my goal weight loss of 58 lbs last summer and I haven’t gained a lb back. My entire house is full of Saba products some which have helped my daughter with her A.D.D. without the use of harmful prescription meds. Again sorry you had a bad reaction but if you would have done it right you wouldn’t have I can promise you that!!!! ACE isn’t about getting skinny its about getting healthy along with all of the rest of our products.

          • Know The Facts says:

            My entire kitchen consists of nothing but whole organic healthy food. Nothing in a can or a box or the frozen department of the store. I drink nothing but water all day. I work out every day. I get my butt up an do things with my children every day. Things that I would have never been able to do with the medical conditions that I have that made me gain weight. I thank GOD for leading me in the path and pushing me to make this decision when I was afraid to. This company has truly changed my life for the better in every aspect!

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Why am I talking crap about the Company? Is their diet supplement that they claim to be natural almost took my life. What part of that don’t you understand? If I had known their was a synthetic drug in their, “that was harmful’ I would have never taken it. I turned a report in to the FDA and now it is illegal. In due time Saba will get fined along with all the distributors. I am thin, work out, totally eat healthy. Just was stuck and wanted to lose 5 lbs. And the main reason was, my friend is obese and I wanted to see her lose some weight. You eating organic is Awesome and the weight loss Congrats!!!! You commented on my status so I am just responding. I couldn’t have done anything different. It was the DMAA in the pill. If you go back and read I’m not just stating my opinion, I gave you facts about DMAA and how it was made plus effects were amphetamine-like. Why would anyone want to ingest something that was used as a nasal decongestant? If you care about your health and want to be here for your kids. Do your own homework and find out. That stuff might not effect you now, but long term it could.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Ok you just stated it you wanted to lose 5 pounds? These things are not created for that … they are created for overweight people. You took ACE because you wanted to see your friend lose weight? Im confused. I have researched every in and out and the link that I posted shows that they banned DMAA in SOME products. ACE is natural along with all forms of its ingredients

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            I thought hey Ace is Natural, it may be good for my friend to take and possibly sell. She lost her sister from obesity. And I did not want to see her lose her life. So I saw Ace on facebook and we decided to give it a try. More energy for me would be great, and for her to lose weight. But it all backfired :(
            Dietary supplements containing DMAA are illegal and FDA is doing everything within its authority to remove these products from the market. While FDA is working to get these products off the market, consumers should not buy or use any dietary supplement product containing DMAA. If DMAA is still in ACE it is not natural. Scientist have researched confirming that 1,3 dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA, is not present in Geranium or Pelargonium species, or their essential oils. It is a synthetic drug and an amphetamine. So that’s why I had the cardiovascular problems.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Again you are an idiot. ACE is made in an FDA facility and the list of things that are banned are on the link that I provided from the FDA website. There is absolutely NOTHING in ACE that can harm you or that is synthetic. People will make their own choices on their own research. I am done here.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            There you go name calling again. Showing just how immature you are. I’m a better person than that, and I don’t have to stoop to that level. Your link is from 2012. May want to look at the one for July 16 2013.

            Look on the bottle clearly states 1,3-dimethylamylamine. That’s not Natural, its synthetic.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Saba is not on this list that I got for the site that you just posted and neither is ACE ….. hold on I have more things to point out as well

            Warning Letters Issued by FDA

            Warning letters to 11 manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements
            containing dimethylamylamine, more popularly known as DMAA, for marketing
            products for which evidence of the safety of the product had not been submitted
            to FDA.

            Press Release: FDA
            challenges marketing of DMAA products for lack of safety evidence6
            April 27, 2012

            Global Technologies, LLC 4/24/127

            Supplements, Inc. 4/24/128

            Labs, LLC 4/24/129

            Letter to USP Labs LLC Concerning DMAA10

            Nutrition 4/24/1211

            Research, Inc. 4/24/1212

            Nutrition, Inc. 4/24/1213

            LLC 4/24/1214

            Pharmaceuticals, Inc 4/24/1215

            Warfare Inc 4/24/1216

            Performance Technologies 4/24/1217

            Inc 8/28/1218

            This line shows you that we list our products appropriately because it comes from geranium extract which is NATURAL

            Some products also will list Pelargonium graveolens extract
            or Geranium extract, which may indicate that the product contains DMAA.
            IF you didn’t have a heart condition to begin with and read our labels which are labeled 100% correctly you wouldn’t have had an issue. It states not to take if you have other medical conditions. I don’t have the bottle in front of me at the moment so that is not the exact wording but it does state it as well as not to drink alcohol while taking it. If you don’t take it the proper way it is not the companies fault. So therefor blame yourself for not reading properly and listening to what you are supposed to do. Thank you.. you have yet to prove your point. It does NOT say that our company has done anything wrong and ACE has been around for over 3 years and Saba for over 25 years and we have NEVER had the FDA fine us for anything so try harassing a company that is actually doing something illegal.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Once again NOT Know the Facts I don’t have a heart condition. I am healthy. Never had any prior medical conditions. Thanks to ACE though I ended up in the ER.

            Oh and wait I thought you were done? You have not proved anything. Prove that DMAA is derived from Geraniums. You can’t you know why? Because scientist have published a research paper confirming that 1,3 dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA, is not present in Geranium or Pelargonium species, or their essential oils.

            You have tried to blame it on drugs, not eating well, I shouldn’t have taken it because I’m not overweight, and a heart condition. Sorry, but your wrong on all the above. It’s the DMAA in ACE and it is illegal.

            From July, 16 2013 not your old 2012 link
            FDA: DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine or geranium extract, is an ingredient found illegally in some dietary supplements and often touted as a “natural” stimulant. DMAA, especially in combination with other ingredients such as caffeine, can be a health risk to consumers. Ingestion of DMAA can elevate blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack. Dietary supplements containing DMAA are illegal.

            Do you see touted as a natural stimulant? Do you see illegal? Well now you are selling illegal drugs.

            I have looked all over AMS and do not see it is an FDA facility. This is on their site though: Statements about product efficacy have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Look at Gary Hail Vice President joined in 2000, he does not look healthy. And even fatter now than when that picture was taken. That makes you want to jump and buy some ACE doesn’t it? NOT By the way AMS is the facility that makes ACE.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Did you just contradict yourself? Yes I think you did. You posted “1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine or geranium extract” geranium extract comes from the geranium flower correct?? Do you know Gary Hail?? Have you met him?? Do you know about any medical conditions that he has that stop him from losing weight? Isnt calling people fat a form of bullying? Do you know that he works out and eats healthy every single day? NO YOU DONT!!!! But I do. FACT:AMS is the name of the company not a factory that manufactures things. Nothing is made in our warehouse but again since you have no clue about anything about our company you wouldn’t know that would you. FACT: ACE is made in and FDA facility by a licensed Physician. One of the many Doctors that suggests people to take ACE!!!! So again please pretend like you know something about another company because you clearly know nothing about Saba/AMS HEALTH SCIENCE

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            No, I didn’t contradict myself. Those are names they use for DMAA, but scientist confirmed that 1,3 dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA, is not present in Geranium or the oil. I think I will trust their research. You haven’t proven anything yet. Just all bs talk. I have done a lot of research on it, and how it is made, when it was made, who made it and the dangers of it. But have you came up with any proof that it is derived from a geranium? No, because you cannot. Have you proven that ACE is made in a FDA facility, besides saying it. No, you cannot. I have searched on their site. But that is irrelevant because ACE is not approved by the FDA. No, I haven’t personally met him, but my friend has. She also met the COO and I guess she has a medical condition to??? She is bigger… Neither one have a medical conditions. They don’t take ACE “I bet”because they know what’s in it. LMAO! If ACE and all the other products are soooo great then I think they would be healthy.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Again weight does not define health. I promise you that I am way healthier than you. It says on the link you provided that DMAA can be found in geraniuim extract soooo…. yeah. Flinstones vitamins and vitamin C are also not FDA approved as they are not considered a food or a drug. Big macs are FDA approved though. I am officially done with this conversation because the things that I have said are fact and your links even agree with me not you. Your opinion because something didn’t work for you is just that … your opinion. However there is no medical evidence to prove that ACE caused your heart trouble nor can you prove that you weren’t taking anything else. People will do and believe what they want but I hope that they read all reviews and don’t give in to crap that people that are against a company because they didn’t listen to directions and a product didn’t work for them are saying. Again have a good life and keep up with your cardiologist.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            I seriously doubt your healthier than me, and if your taking ACE I know your not. And yes, if your going to represent a company you need to fit the image. But it shows they don’t take that poison, good for them. You are just blinded by the dollar signs. I have compassion for others, and want people to know the truth. So anyone wanting to take ACE please do research. The company and distributors lie by saying its Natural. All the information is out there. Shame on you and may God forgive you. Oh and I sure will have a great life and I don’t need a cardiologist because I no longer take that illegal drug.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Oh trust me I am way healthier than you. I go get physicals every year and ACE helped me get that way. They do take ACE and it helps them from gaining weight due to other conditions. I love what I do so much that I give most of my stuff away for free to help people. It is Natural and anyone that does research will see that. Again that is why a ton of NATURAL food markets sell it. It is also sold in a ton of other places that are federally regulated. ACE is not illegal and nor are any of our other products that we carry. So go tell it somewhere else…. but whoever you tell it to should do their research and when they do they will agree with me. Let me also say again. You said you needed to lose 5 lbs. right? Well, if you needed to lose that little amount of weight that means that you were not overweight to begin with so that could be a reason why your heart would race. Supplements for weight loss are not meant for people who want to lose 5 pounds. They are meant for people who need to lose much more. ACE has helped people get off of all kinds of meds. Meds that cause crazy side effects. So how dare you tell these people they are doing something wrong. Yes if it is taken the wrong way you can have a bad affect…. that is why there is a proper way to take it. Like I have said a million times. Too much of anything is bad for you. Take a whole bottle of vitamin C at one time. Then report what happens. Bet you cant type the outcome!!!!

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Kool-Aid anyone??? I feel like I am bickering with a child here. Name calling, now competition on who is healthier. I can tell you this much I have never been overweight. You are saying ACE is for people overweight only, yet you met your goal weight and still taking it. Hmmmm, contradicting yourself?????

            Go look at an ACE pill bottle on the back it shows as an ingredient (1,3-dimethylamylamine HCL). FDA: DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, is an ingredient found illegally in some dietary supplements. Hence the word illegally. What part of that do you not understand????? But you think the public will agree with you after their research???? NOT People are not that naive. How dare you lie to people and tell them it is Natural when DMAA is a synthetic drug.

            Yes, to much of anything can be bad. I took one pill a day are you saying that was to much??? It wouldn’t have been if DMAA wasn’t in it and it was truly Natural. But like I have said the Company lies and so do the distributors. So I agree on one thing people will do their research and find the truth and stay clear of that drug.

          • Know The Facts says:

            Ok this time I am def done. You clearly don’t know how to read. I hit my goal and haven’t taken ACE except randomly for the energy here and there. IF you knew how to read you would have read that already. I am pretty sure that all of over 500 people that are getting ACE from me do research before they order. That same exact thing that you are reading about DMAA also states that some DMAA comes from geranium extract and is different. AGAIN you don’t know how to read and are only reading the stuff you want to see. Who is a child here? There is no proof of how much you took or if you had a caffeine sensitivity.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Copied and pasted from you: I have taken ACE solely for the energy since I hit my goal weight loss of 58 lbs last summer and I haven’t gained a lb back. Does that say randomly???? But I don’t know how to read??? You can’t comprehend that DMAA is a synthetic drug and doesn’t come from geranium extract. I think you can, you just want to lie to the public for profit. Greed is one of the deadly sins. And one day ma’am you will have to meet your maker. Keep that in mind.

          • Know The Facts says:

            You are clearly a lunatic that needs more than just heart meds. If I were not trying to lose weight I would not take ACE daily. Since you know more about it than me I would assume that you would know that. I read plain and clear just like the link you posted that states the type of DMAA that is in ACE is found in geranium extract. Not really sure why you keep commenting. Probably so you can tell me “thought you said you were done”. You are one of those people that I believes lives off of harassing others. Why don’t you go harass another company and someone else. Again I have stated fact and you have stated matter of opinion. Tell your doc to up those anti- ummmm- everything meds please so that you don’t snap when you are proved wrong again.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Lunatic that needs heart meds???? That is funny, showing your maturity level once again. You can call DMAA whatever you want just like the company all lies. It is still an ingredient found illegally in some dietary supplements. And DMAA is in ACE and yes they call it geranium to fool the public. I am commenting to let people know the truth. All you care about is the money you are making, and that is sad. You haven’t came up with any facts and the truth is out there for people who want to know.

          • New Ace User says:

            Just want to say thank you for the information you have posted. I googled side effects of ace because ever since taking it I have had shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, tightness in chest. It hasn’t helped my energy level, it seems to do the opposite. If it wasn’t for your posts I wouldn’t have known what was causing these issues.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            You are more than welcome. Please file a report with the FDA to help get it off the market. It will take some time to get out of your system. This is why I posted on here to make people aware it is dangerous. Hope you are okay.

          • SO..because you had a bad experience with the product….and
            some others did also…you believe no one should take it and it is dangerous and shouldn’t be sold??

            going by your standards then the product that almost killed my
            grandson..and many many others should be banned and taken off the
            market…….?? I am sure the millions whos lives were saVed by the use
            of PENICILLIN are Very glad you DON’T control the FDA!!
            YOU had an adverse reaction…..doesn’t make the product dangerous or unusable by the general public….caution people to be alert to possible reactions?? Certainly!! But stop condemning the product that might help thousands of others, because you can’t take it!!!

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Saba claims all Natural from geranium flowers. But it’s not it is a synthetic drug. Scientists at the public health organization NSF International and the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine have published a research paper confirming that 1,3 dimethylamylamine, also known as DMAA, is not present in Geranium or Pelargonium species, or their essential oils. I am allergic to Penicillin, and no I don’t want it or any drug that helps people banned. Products containing DMAA have been linked to 86 reported health problems and at five deaths. The Company should not have mislead the public by putting Natural and listed DMAA as geranium. You want to take drugs go for it, but I don’t. All the distributors need to stop lying and saying its a natural diet supplement. DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine) is an amphetamine.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

            Loving all the responses though. Just helps make the public aware. If I can save some lives then I have done my job.But the sellers get angry because I am letting people know the truth and Dangers of DMAA. Sorry, you might lose some money. The link again for anyone wanting to take ACE do your research first.

            Also can just google DMAA and find out the side effects and long term effects.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            ACE is derived from nature.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            You keep saying “Clark Bartram”. Why do you keep saying his name without saying why?

          • ACE kills says:

            Really? The makers of ace ADMITTED its not all natural! Why are they obese as well? They are supposedly taking it as well and they are HUGE. Anyway, you are supposed to be kind if you expect to be able to sell ANYTHING. You ma’am are a class A BITCH and if you were selling the fountain of youth I would die before I bought it from you.But don’t feel bad, almost every other seller is just like you.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            The ingredients are DERIVED from nature. That is what Saba says.

          • Ace is Dangerous says:

   Thank you for pointing that out that my link didn’t work. You didn’t say where you got your training?

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Please note that neither ACE nor Saba, the company that makes ACE, is on the list posted by the FDA. That is because ACE is not being warned.

        • ACE kills says:

          You yourself do not even know much about this pill. To you sellers it is like a drug. You are obsessed with it. Meth, cocaine, weed, they were all once legal too. Now that it is ILLEGAL to sell anything with DMAA in it, you’re practically a drug dealer aren’t you?

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            No, ACE is NOT illegal or it would not be sold. Where is your evidence that “ACE KILLS”. Oh, wait….there isn’t any.

          • ACE kills says:

            Why would i want to hinder ACE’s appearance for no reason? It almost killed my mother! There are your facts. You mad?

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            I’m not mad at all. I am simply trying to get to the bottom of this. Did your mother consult her doctor and did she have an underlying condition?

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            No, I didn’t have any underlying conditions. Never had any prior medical issues. I get physicals every year. Don’t smoke, Drink, or any other bad habits. Just that poison in ACE caused my problems. It’s out of my system now and I am fine.

          • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Perhaps you were one of the rare ones that may be allergic to something within. That DOES NOT mean it is poison to 99% of the population.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            Every distributor tries to make excuses for that drug. No I wasn’t allergic to it. Do you not understand the dangers of DMAA it is an amphetamine which is a stimulant. It restricts your arteries and can cause a heart attack. It was like meth for my son all happy when on it and then when he got off of it BAM snapped at everything. He is fine now Thank God. My niece hated it gave her headaches made her feel weird. And I am sure you have clients that have had side effects even if mild Nausea, diarrhea, headaches and more. If you say no you are a liar. I am in a group right now on facebook with women who have had terrible side effects to this drug.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            Oh wait, but there is evidence open your eyes lady and look on the FDA site. DMAA is illegal and its in your wonder drug.

          • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

            Saba/ACE are NOT on the FDA website….You open your eyes, sweetie, and read the list.

      • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

        You are gaining a personal experience with a trained distributor that works directly with the company. They are available to answer questions and give support. I think this is worth way more than a couple of dollars saved.

    • ACE kills says:

      Okay* Your third sentence is a run-on sentence. Legitimate* You shouldn’t use the word “and” so much. I counted six in one sentence! You only need one exclamation mark. If you want to talk about grammar with anyone, I will certainly give you a lesson.

      • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

        LOL ACE doesn’t kill or it wouldn’t be on the market. Please don’t bash a product that helps so many people.

        • ACE kills says:

          Kills* or maybe harms* so many people I think is what you meant. I’ve never seen anyone actually lose weight from it either.

          • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

            I haven’t seen it kill or harm anyone. I have seen 100s, yes, 100s of people it has worked for. But again, No single product, prescription or otherwise, can be for 100% of the population.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            DMAA has killed 5 people, 86 have had adverse events from it. Look it up.

          • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

            BUT NOT ACE………..The people who do not take it correctly as they are instructed may experience some discomfort, but it certainly doesn’t kill. It wouldn’t be on the market if it did!!!

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            Oh yes ACE. I was one of the 86. It will take the FDA time but you will see it removed. It took about 6 months after I filed for it to be illegal.

          • ok I looked it up.. In the Navy times it says this.. copied from page. “Although direct causality cannot be concluded, the seriousness of the observed adverse medical events and deaths where service members had used DMAA containing products led Safety Review Panel members to assess DMAA-associated health risk as low to moderate,” the report notes. link to article

            DMAA did not kill those soldiers, it is still banned from the military but not the cause of death.

            I will take my chances, everything has side effects and anything can kill you. Thank you DMAA is illegal and ACE Kills for your over the top, not necessary pushiness!! I am picking up my order for ACE tomorrow. You may be their best advertising agent yet.

          • Check out the truth says:

            Guess what? No one cares if you take it or not. LMAO!

          • Then why are 4 or 5 of you typing the same thing over again? I came to this site to get some real feed back from people who took it, good and bad. All I got was a bunch of useless arguing and bickering repeatedly. Calling each other names and making obscured accusations. Yes some people have side effects and it not for everyone. Get over yourself and thank God your still alive to see another day. Obviously you care… you took the time to type it!

  40. Thalia Walle says:

    I am an ACE distributor I decided to sell this product after I tried it myself and got AMAZING results (: I have lost 10 pounds in 15 day ..YES!

  41. Bobby Jackson says:

    We have no issues with this PRODUCT, For starters you can not believe anything u get off the web..What we can assure you is we have a friend that works for the FDA and she tested the product and came up with nothing that can hurt you.The Chemist that tested it for her in the lab is now taking it along with herself and they are loving it

  42. In regards to hair loss. I have a friend that was losing hair, not from ACE. She now has a scalp oinment that seems to get your hair growing. I have seen before and after pictures of folks that I know. It works. If you want to know more, let me know.

  43. Laura Davis says:

    Since going on ACE Jan 29th, Ive lost not quite 50 pounds, and have gotten off 3 of my 4 meds!!! Both my family dr and my Gyno, approved me to be on them…andI wont be stopping them..I love the energy I get from it as well at the appetite control!!

  44. Rebekah Lea Rigby says:

    it just makes me super sleepy..and it also makes me have to pee every 20 minutes or so plus it didn’t curb my appetite at all! I will not be taking these anymore..I wish they had worked for me though:(

    • Know The Facts says:

      If you are taking them right, eating enough and the right foods, and drinking enough water and exercising this would not happen!

  45. I took ACE for 2 months and the only thing that i suffered with was sever constipation and loss of sleep. I did manage to loose 30 pound but I had to stop for that reason. I would take fiber supplements and tha that contained mor not even like th

  46. I took them for 2 months and did not get the fast heart beat…but only loss of sleep and very bad constipation…if it wasnt for that i would’ve love to continue to continue to take them as i did loose weight

  47. Ace is Dangerous says:

    Ace almost took my life. DMAA is illegal now which is in Ace. But Saba claimed Ace to be all natural which is a total lie. For all those who have taken it or sells it they have deceived you. If you go to their page you can see their CEO is obese. If it worked don’t you think he would be taking it, no its poison.

    Q & A on DMAA in Dietary Supplements

    DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine or geranium extract, is an ingredient found illegally in some dietary supplements and often touted as a “natural” stimulant. DMAA, especially in combination with other ingredients such as caffeine, can be a health risk to consumers. Ingestion of DMAA can elevate blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular problems ranging from shortness of breath and tightening in the chest to heart attack. Dietary supplements containing DMAA are illegal and FDA is doing everything within its authority to remove these products from the market. FDA has issued warning letters to companies notifying them products with DMAA need to be taken off the market or reformulated to remove this substance. Most companies warned are no longer distributing products with DMAA. While FDA is working to get these products off the market, consumers should not buy or use any dietary supplement product containing DMAA.

    • Know The Facts says:

      The CEO is not obese he is overweight. Just like many people. You also don’t know his medical conditions so you cannot speak on him. The DMAA in ace comes from geranium flower. It WILL NOT harm you. Where did you get your ACE from? AMAZON? EBAY? Were you eating right? Drinking right? Taking the correct amount? Exercising? There are trace amounts of this in ACE and they are not enough to hurt you hence the fact that they are legal!!! Do you not think that they were researched by professionals? BTW did you know that ACE is made by a doctor? In an FDA facility? Oh you didn’t???? Because you don’t know all the facts right?

      • Ace is Dangerous says:

        The CEO and the COO are obese. Obese: means very fat or overweight. Call it as you wish. DMAA does not come from a geranium flower. It’s synthetic and illegal for use in dietary supplements. Once again do some research on DMAA. It did HARM me and cost me a lot of money, and almost my life. I purchased ACE from my friend, Not EBAY or Amazon. I eat healthy, exercise 5 days a week, and I only drink water. I am a healthy person, and never have I had any health issues, until I took ACE. I had to call an ambulance because of racing heart, high blood pressure, numbness in hands, shortness of breath, and tightness in my chest. After hospital stay, heart monitor, many trips to the Doctor it was the DMAA in ACE. I’m fine now,” THANK GOD” that it is out of my system, took awhile though. I’m not on here to argue with any sellers. I’m just stating what it did to me. I made a report to the FDA and so did many others, and finally it is illegal in the United States. It has been illegal in Australia and Canada. If you have any compassion for people you SHOULD do research on DMAA and stop selling the poison. Stop thinking of the dollar signs.

      • New Ace User says:

        Your forgetting, the FDA approves many drugs that are unsafe so saying it was made in a FDA facility means nothing.

  48. ACE Appetite Control & Energy says:

    I think that ACE is amazing. I have only been taking it for 2 months. I have lost 20 pounds ! I’m sure it would have been more if I exercised. It doesn’t make me jittery or nervous. I actually HAVE energy now.

    Authorized ACE Distributors are NOT allowed to sell on EBAY or AMAZON…
    so DO NOT BUY FROM THOSE SITES…There’s no telling what you will get.

    I am an Authorized ACE Distributor. I believe in this product. I am SOO glad that my Dad told me about it, when I asked him how he lost 30 pounds. I ship out alot of orders daily. Let me put YOUR name on one of them! Terri

  49. dwkark2007 says:

    I’ve been taking ACE since Jan. 2013. I have lost over 30 pounds. Lately, I have been experiencing significant thinning of my hair. Im talking really thin! I actually have a bald spot! As a woman, this is not normal, and quite embarassing. I do not know if this has anything to do with the ACE, so that is wht I am asking. Has anyone else who has been taking this for awhile been experiencing the same thing?!?

    • kltann95 says:

      You will experience hair loss anytime you drop weight so quickly regardless of what method you use. It has happened to be several times. It does stop and grow back but rapid weight loss “shocks” you system and hair loss is one of the side effects. I even went to see a specialist about it. It has nothing to do with the ACE though, it is the weight loss.

      • Lisa Price says:

        I agree with you Kltann95 – however after experiencing it myself would d recommend taking biotin this is good for hair growth and drinking protein drinks as your body could be lacking the protein it needs hence it is falling out… just a thought based on own experience good luck :) Lisa

      • Angela Nunn says:

        My doctor warned me about several patients she had seen have problems with hair loss, when I asked her about taking ACE. She said its a side effect of all the chromium in the ACE. I lost 60 lbs in less than a year & had no hair thinning or abnormal hair loss. Just used regular old diet & exercise. If something sounds to goodto be true it usually is.

    • Melissa Whisenant says:

      “You will experience hair loss anytime you drop weight so quickly regardless of what method you use” – WHAT? From what I’m reading (posted in June, started in Jan), she’s lost an average of 5.5lbs a month–THAT’S a HEALTHY weight loss. 2lbs a week is even healthy. Anymore than that…yes, on the edge to becoming a little unhealthy, depending on your diet and caloric needs, etc. However, I’ve used 3 bottles of ACE so far, and lost around 1.5-2lbs a week for the first two months…but my system seems to be “getting used” to it. I hope I can take a couple weeks break and start back, in hopes it will “restart”, in a sense. Other than a little dry mouth for the first month, while my system was getting used to it (and I didn’t drink water like the bottle recommends-so more my fault) and SOME moments of sleeplessness, no side affects for me. No heart/pulse problems, or anything concerning.

      • Melissa Whisenant says:

        Oh-and I purchased thru….however, a friend of mine is getting hers through a friend of hers that is a consultant….she has to pay $10 more…but she wanted to “help her friend out” – which is cool…..but if you need that savings, like I do, go to for a better price.

        • HunterandTeresa Outlaw says:

          Please be careful buying from Amazon, as an associate we are not allowed to sell on Amazon. Some people are reporting the pills are not really ACE. The real ACE should be a brownish color. :) Teresa

        • Stephanie Wright says:

          Do not order from amazon! The pills are “knock offs” and are very harmful.

      • Know The Facts says:

        Hair loss is a sign of lack of nutrition. So yes while it may be happening during your time taking ACE you are probably not eating properly and drinking water. There is absolutely not one ingredient in ACE that can cause you to lose your hair.

      • Know The Facts says:

        its not always about weight loss sometimes its about your diet in general. Poor nutrition can make you lose hair.

      • Kim Childers-Burns says:

        so obviously, it’s a lie.

    • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

      ACE makes my hair and nails grow more. I found out the cause of hair loss is the loss of blood flow to the roots of your hair. Massage the roots and try monoxidil type products.

    • P. Bowman says:

      Yes I too took ACE for over 2 months and my hair completely thinned to the point where you could see my scalp. Had to get it cut off. I stopped taking the pills and my hair has since grown back. I now work out and eat right for weight management.

    • This usually mean a deficiency, typically in protein. If you are experiencing this on the outside, imagine what is going on inside?

  50. Andrew Davis says:

    Does anyone know if you can take prozac with ace?

    • Rackal Touchet says:

      I talked to my dr about my anti anxiety medicine and he just tokd me to space it out take the a.c.e early in the morning and around lunch take ur medication I would wait 2-3 hrs in between

      • tina kapp says:

        Rackal can you tell me more about ace affecting your anxiety? I would like to try it but am worried because i do suffer from anxiety.

  51. i love ace i was 135 and now im 115 right where i want to be :) love love love it

  52. I have been taking this for almost a month, I have a heart problem know as Wolfe Parkinson’s White syndrome. I can not have alot of Caffeine or do strenuous activity without a fast pulse and possible blacking out. I also suffer from a headache if not everyday then every other day as well at least one migrane a week. Since I have been taking this WONDER PILL I call it, I have had 2 headaches ( on the day I didn’t take it) and no problems with my heart racing. I would recommend that any one try this product however make sure that you are buying from an actual A.C.E rep becauase I have read scams where people try to get it cheaper and when one person opend the capsule it did not look or have the same effect as the real brand!

    • Rackal Touchet says:

      Do u sell them? How do we know if its not the real thing? On my package it says a.c.e

      • if your package says A.C.E. then its not real or its old! Our logo does not have the periods! If you got them from Amazon or Ebay chances are they are fake

  53. I have been taking this for almost a month, I have a heart problem know as Wolfe Parkinson’s White syndrome. I can not have alot of Caffeine or do strenuous activity without a fast pulse and possible blacking out. I also suffer from a headache if not everyday then every other day as well at least one migrane a week. Since I have been taking this WONDER PILL I call it, I have had 2 headaches ( on the day I didn’t take it) and no problems with my heart racing. I would recommend that any one try this product however make sure that you are buying from an actual A.C.E rep becauase I have read scams where people try to get it cheaper and when one person opend the capsule it did not look or have the same effect as the real brand!

  54. Tami Hoffman-Simmons says:


  55. Tami Hoffman-Simmons says:

    Whats in ACE


    Vitamin B-6 ~ Vitamin
    B6 has been called the “mighty vite” because of all the functions it
    performs. It is estimated that Vitamin B6 is involved with more than 101
    chemical reactions that occur in our bodies. Vitamin B6 helps us by aiding in
    the manufacturing of amino acids, which is required to build proteins that
    are… essential for the repair and growth of our tissue. Vitamin B6 benefits
    our brains as well. Vitamin B6 helps us make neurotransmitters.
    Neurotransmitters are chemicals that connect one nerve cell to the next and
    enable these two nerve cells to communicate with one another. Some of these
    neurotransmitters are serotonin, nor-epinephrine, dopamine and what’s called
    GABA. These neurotransmitters are essential for regulating our mood and even
    helping to ward off depression in our later years. Vitamin B6 benefits us also
    by helping us to metabolize our foods and converting these foods into energy we
    need to get us through our day. Vitamin B6 may also play a part in preventing
    disease- vascular disease and brain disease.

    Chromium ~ Chromium is an essential trace mineral
    meaning that it is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, and also
    helps to regulate the metabolism of our blood sugar and thus helps deter
    diabetes. The benefits of chromium also include controlling fat and cholesterol
    levels in the blood, and if adequate amounts are provided to the body, it can
    help to prevent hypertension or high blood pressure.

    Cocoa Powder ~ modern science claims that it is good for
    your heart and arteries and good for your skin.

    Spirulina ~ Spirulina contains a lot of healthy enzymes.
    It is often thought to help in weight loss and assist with carbohydrate
    disorders, problems with vision, allergies, anemia and many other diseases.
    It’s said to lower cholesterol, help protect cells from degeneration, assist in
    digestion, keep the body energized, and contain proteins which people who are
    trying to avoid eating meat usually miss out on. This is because the supplement
    contains 10 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 8 minerals. It’s the ultimate food
    supplement which means you won’t have to depend on so many high caloric foods
    to get the nutrients you need

    Green Tea Extract ~ Green tea is high in a powerful antioxidants
    that help fight cancer causing. Green tea extract is a natural metabolic booster.
    A number of studies have shown that green tea may be helpful for a person
    trying to lose weight or increase their metabolism. Green tea and its extract
    have also been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol and help reduce the chance of
    forming blood clots. Some studies indicate that green tea extract benefits the
    skin by keeping the cells healthy and slowing signs of aging.

    Green tea
    (continued)is used to improve mental alertness and thinking. It is also used
    for weight loss and to treat stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches,
    bone loss (osteoporosis), and solid tumor cancers. Some people use green tea to
    prevent various cancers, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon
    cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, solid tumor cancers and skin cancer related
    to related to exposure to sunlight. Some women use green tea to fight human
    papilloma virus (HPV), which can cause genital warts, the growth of abnormal
    cells in the cervix (cervical dysphasia), and cervical cancer. Green tea is
    also used for Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diseases of the heart and
    blood vessels, diabetes, low blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),
    dental cavities (caries), kidney stones, and skin damage.

    Dimethylpentylamine (constituent found in Geranium flower) delivers
    a synergistic element supporting energy and appetite control benefits.
    Dimethylpentylamine has been used as an ingredient in energy supplements for
    weight loss and bodybuilding including amphetamine-like substances. Reports
    claim that this product is the strongest weight loss tool people can purchase
    without a prescription.

    Phenyl ethylamine HCl works by increasing dopamine levels and
    simultaneously inhibits the action of dopamine transmitters. Is also found in
    chocolate.(MOOD ENHANCER)

    Vanadium ~ Vanadium can cause certain enzymes to
    accelerate chemical reactions in the body, resulting in higher energy and
    metabolic rates. It has also been found to increase the metabolism of

    • YippietheHippy says:

      “Dimethylpentylamine (constituent found in Geranium flower) delivers
      a synergistic element supporting energy and appetite control benefits.
      Dimethylpentylamine has been used as an ingredient in energy supplements for
      weight loss and bodybuilding including amphetamine-like substances. Reports
      claim that this product is the strongest weight loss tool people can purchase
      without a prescription.”

      BS No scientific evidence that shows any DMAA can come from plants. None what so ever.This crap is dangerous and should be removed from the market!

      • TammyGearl says:

        Isn’t this drug suppose to be banned??? Check out the FDA laws

        • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

          No, it is NOT banned. lol Check your facts. Saba/ACE are NOT on the banned list. AT ALL.

          • Oh in due time Saba will be banned for selling an illegal drug DMAA. It’s illegal can you not read Kay? So stop trying to protect a company that lies to people telling them it is Natural. When it is not it is a synthetic drug, which is illegal. Sorry you will lose your drug money in time, but people’s life’s and health are much more important. You prove they will let anyone sell their poison. Because you know nothing about it, except Saba said its derived by NATURE. Go do some research on DMAA lady.

          • DMAA is banned and that is why SABA has reformulated thier ACE!

  56. Tami Hoffman-Simmons says:

    ACE saved my moms life!she no longer needs Her diabetic shots! I no longer need my MIGRAINE meds and guess what NO HEADACHES
    Go hate on someone elses product because ours are Tested and even HEART DR approved!

  57. Just wondering says:

    Just started taking this and I’m on day 2. About after 30 mins of taking the pill my heart starts raising and don’t calm down for hours. Is this normal?

    • Jessie says:

      i am also on day 2, i would like to know the same thing.. someone just told me that you really have to be careful how much natural caffine you consume. from what they told me it can really make you shaky and nervous.. I am only going to take one at a time. it seems to not make me quite so shaky when i do it that way.. it’s going to effect everyone differently. my niece has been taking them for a month. it does suppress her appetie, but she does not get the energy that others do. i am going to try to give it a shot though.. i have heard a lot of success stories from people who have taken ace. good luck :))

      • Tami Hoffman-Simmons says:

        Yoour body is saying WOMAN GET UP AND MOVE:)
        If you take anything that gives you energy and sit around it becomes a nervous energy :) grab a friend and go walking

      • hi,I just started this product 3 days ago and honestly I have not noticed any changes. not helping with my hunger at all, I was 169 started the Meizitang pills and lost 32 pounds but then I heard ACE are a lot better and decided to try them, but.. meizitang helped and was not this hungry and or having hunger pains and I was so thirsty only and had a lot of energy, ACE is making me really hungry and I am worry this won’t work for me

    • Have you ever experienced this before ACE. I have an irregular heart beat and have not had a problem with Taking ACE and I am starting my 3rd bottle.

    • TammyGearl says:

      Check out “ACE and The Real Side Effects” its on Facebook…if you are having any bad side effects please let everyone know

    • TammyGearl says:

      Check out “ACE and The Real Side Effects” its on Facebook…if you are having any bad side effects please let everyone know

    • It had the same effect on me. I lost 15lbs but I’m stopping my heart is to important.

  58. If you look hard enough you can find something wrong with everything! That’s why they say, “Everything in moderation!” I haven’t had any of these side effects and very few (maybe 2 people) have had these side effects mildly!

  59. Well if this was really true it would for sure have a picture of the Ace bottle and what the real pill looks like I have high blood pressure and its been great since I have been taking Ace also my husband is a diabetic and has been awesome since taking Ace so Ace is Awesome

  60. Ninette Skinner says:

    I am a chronic migraine sufferer since the age of 10. I would normally suffer at least one a week. I have taken ACE for a little over a month and I can say I have NOT had one migraine or headache in since taking ACE. I also had stomach issues and they have gotten better since taking ACE. With ACE I don’t experience the jitters or racing heart that I do from No-Doze or Hydroxycut etc. I even has asthma and my doctor has approved me taking ACE.

  61. disqus_k4p5GR98eV says:

    I take and sell them,no problems here,i had high blood pressure and migraines..not anymore:)

  62. I tried these and immediatly after they began working experienced a racing heart, nausea and difficulty breathing. I wont be taking them again. Id reccommend that anyone with any kind of previous illnesses not touch them.

    • did you take 2 at a time because that could happen. You are only to take 1 at a time

      • New2013 says:

        I only took one…but tbey do affect people differently my mom had no problems…but as to being safe I would most definately speak to a dr first and stay on the side of caution.

    • Tami Hoffman-Simmons says:

      Take ingredients to your doctor :) Ours approves

    • Ace Kay Lee Harwell says:

      No single product can be for 100% of the population. That doesn’t mean that because one person can’t take it, no one can. It means everyone should consult their doctor and follow directions correctly.

      • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

        Ask your Doctor to explain to you what DMAA is. More than likely he doesn’t know anything about it.

        • ACE Kay Lee Harwell says:

          A pharmacist does and I asked him as well. Nothing wrong with taking ACE. He said everything in it was derived from nature.

          • DMAA IS ILLEGAL says:

            No, its not derived from Nature or any geranium flower. I’m sure you believe saba and its all Natural well sorry to burst your bubble but its not. DMAA is a drug made synthetically in a laboratory. It was originally used as a nasal decongestant. Today it is sold in dietary supplements “ACE” for one. Laboratory analyses show that this drug does not come from geranium oil. DMAA is banned in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and now the United States. So you are selling illegal drugs that can harm people. Bravo ACE Kay

    • TammyGearl says:

      Share your story : −

      Check out “ACE and The Real Side Effects” its on Facebook…if you are having any bad side effects please let everyone know

    • Amanda Messer says:

      Can I have your bottles? I don’t really use them for weight loss but kind of a BOOST to get me through a long day. I’ve lost a little weight but really just love the kick of energy I get from them ;)

      • me too….lol a lot better than the five hour energy shots and NOS energy drinks… no jitters just productive work gets me through my days ~mother of four boys in every kind of sport

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